David Is The Best Choice

About David Paul Blumenshine

David Paul Blumenshine is a lifelong Illinois native. He grew up on a farm near Princeville, where he learned about hard-work, faith, and the importance of community. Raised in the midst of a large, faith-filled family, David Paul is driven to serve.

His past and present community activism is a testament to his belief in Christ’s teachings of giving to and doing for one another. He has served in prison ministry and youth programs, participated in hospital shut-in visits, and is devoted to international missions. His days are spent assisting with the transportation of students with disabilities in the Unit 5 Vocational Transitional Assistance Program.

David Can Help!

When David Paul suspects governmental abuse, he becomes involved. He spoke out on local issues that affect taxpayers, such as advocating for smaller, limited, and more responsible government. He served as a successful campaign manager in McLean County and assisted in other winning campaigns.

David Paul’s farm ethic has propelled his success in the business sector. He sold more than $100 million in real estate throughout his career as a broker. Decades of self-proprietorship forged in him a deep empathy for the struggle of small business owners in Illinois.

Despite the current brokenness of our state, David Paul, and his extended family, are committed to staying in Illinois. He wants to make Illinois home again for its citizens, not just its politicians.

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