Candidacy Press Release

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2017

David Paul Blumenshine Announces His Run in GOP Primary

Normal – David Paul Blumenshine is pleased to announce his candidacy for Illinois State Representative, 105th District.

As a lifelong Illinois native and small business owner, Blumenshine has a vested interest in the welfare and sustainability of our state. He served locally in prisons and hospitals. Internationally, he assisted in medical clinics and helped with construction projects in Haiti. His goal for Illinois is to reform the governmental system and help keep families together.

“Our children and grandchildren are moving to other states for better opportunities,” says Blumenshine. “Businesses are leaving to help their bottom line. We can’t afford more terms with budgets that continue to increase our debt and raise taxes on the citizens of our state. When political complacency takes precedence, the citizens in need suffer the most.”

Blumenshine will run on a platform of government reform, pension funding, and cutting wasteful spending. As a supporter of term limits, he has declared a maximum of eight years for his tenure as state representative. Blumenshine will also decline any legislator pension and health benefits.

Primary election day is March 20, 2018. You can learn more about David Paul Blumenshine and his campaign by visiting