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The following are the stances I believe are crucial in fixing our state. Many others are priorities for myself and others. However, if we do not solve these foundational issues, we risk reaching a point of no return. My belief in these stances is such that I am not afraid to stand by or debate them. Together, with God’s help, we can help Illinois be the place we are proud to call home.

Balanced Budget

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the 2018 budget is already staring at a $1.7 billion hole for the year, meaning the streak of unbalanced budgets in Illinois will continue.

Illinois hasn’t had a truly balanced budget since 2001, and the latest numbers from the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, or GOMB, reveal it may not have one through 2023.

I will push for sound budgets that are free of political pet project earmarks and turn us toward the black for the first time in 16 years. These earmarks have added to the corruption in Springfield, placing undue burden on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

Balanced Budget

Pension Reform

The pension system in Illinois is in severe financial crisis. Its future is uncertain and existing policies are unsustainable. The current legislature is committed to perpetuating this problem by avoiding the necessity of pension reform.

Dan Brady has not led on this issue that is of critical importance to the future of our state and many of his constituents.

With other fiscally ethical senators and representatives, I will work to implement the Taxpayer Bargain, which will create a plausible pension system for the first time in decades.

Term Limits

Term limits are key. I will pursue term limits at all levels.

The lengthy tenures of politicians in the system, with their lifetime pensions and expensive health care benefits, have led to corruption, entitlement, and nearly $250 billion in unfunded liabilities.

As State Representative of the 105th, I will impose an eight year term limit on myself. I will refuse any legislator pension as well as health care benefits. I am not here to make millions off the backs of my constituents and the people of Illinois.

Debt Reduction

As of October, we have a $15 billion and growing backlog of unpaid bills. This is on top of a public debt of $203 billion and a $185 billion plus pension shortfall.

Each budget passed in Springfield for the last 15 years has been unbalanced.

I will advocate for reducing our debt. I vow to vote, ‘No,’ to any budget that is not balanced and call out any legislators who do.

Tax Relief

We do not have an income problem in Illinois. We have a spending problem. We have some of the highest taxes in the country, yet the existing representatives have passed the biggest tax hike in Illinois’ history. This shows a profound lack of leadership. Rather than find ways to govern effectively and efficiently, this legislature has shifted the burden onto the backs of taxpayers. I am ready to stop the over-taxing of Illinois’ hardworking citizens. I am ready to find more creative solutions and reign in the spending in Springfield.

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